CF2 (37L)


The CF2 is the little brother of the CF3, coming in at 37L. Our brand-new pack in the CF line offers a size which is big enough for multi-day sustainment, yet small enough to be very handy for daily use. Like the CF3 it is compatible with our baguettes and half loaves. For extra needed capacity, pair the CF2 with up to 4 baguettes or a breadbasket to gain up to 12 litres. This CF2 is the multi-tool of packs.


  • 37L main bag
  • Featuring our Ladder Toggle Attachment System LTAS on the sides and back to attach additional sustainment
  • DG3 polymer frame, tuned to flex while maintaining strength
  • Ventilated mesh harness back
  • CF exclusive Bug Out™ buckles
  • Multiple position adjustable harness height
  • Three position adjustable lumbar pad height
  • Removable hip wings and belt
  • MOLLE on hip belt wings
  • Adaptable to connect directly to our DZ-Rig
  • Triple pocket contoured lid
  • 4 adjustment straps for lid height compression or extension
  • Soft lined optics pocket inside lid
  • Front and back lid access
  • Hook and loop IFF panel
  • Tuckable IFF reflector patch behind hook and loop panel
  • Dual centre zip access top and bottom access/closure
  • Dual access radio and antenna ports
  • Two internal removeable mesh pockets
  • 4 internal locations for hanging mesh pockets
  • Slick sides for maneuvering in tighter spaces
  • Dual horizontal compression straps
  • 1 Leak proof hydration sleeve
  • Can hang up to two hydration sleeves (toggle version)
  • Field repair kit (included)
  • 2 Bungee cords and cord-locks for external stowage via weaving across ladder racks (included)
  • Compatible with our DZ Rig (sold separately)
  • Compatible with our daypack lid (sold separately)
  • Compatible with extra “half-loaves” or “baguettes” (sold separately)
  • Compatible with external helmet carrier (sold separately)
  • Compatible with radio carrier pouch (toggle version sold separately)

Adjustment Manual

1 review for CF2 (37L)

  1. GhillieScout (verified owner)

    The best “3-day” assault pack I’ve used. I have the CF MK.VII and wanted to add a smaller pack of the same quality and comfort. With loads over 70# I prefer the fit and feel of the MK.VII frame and harness a small amount more, the CF2 is still the most comfortable and stable pack of this size that I’ve used at that weight. At 60# and less it feels like an extension of your body. I added two sets of Half Loaves and a set of Baguettes to enable fast access to gear. The Half Loaves are the perfect mag carry solution swallowing up to 6 mags each. I carry 6 mags each in the upper set and a set of small binos and a boo-boo kit in the lower set of Half Loaves. I have used three other extremely popular 3DAPs, Halftracks, and FAC Tracks… I prefer the CF2 to all of these, especially with the Half Loaves and Baguettes.

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