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About CrossFire

Created in 1980 (over 40 years ago!), Crossfire (AUST) P/L is a family-owned business based in Braidwood, NSW. Only an hour away from the Australian capital. Our extended network allows us to call upon world-class expertise to help us field new projects and respond to user feedback to refine the current production.

It all started in the mountaineering, cross-country skiing, and rafting trade a long time ago. We wanted to make sure that extreme sports athletes were coming back home safe. Our objective is to design and manufacture high standard gear. We believe that it is better and safer to spend a few extra dollars to deliver the best in performance and lifetime value.

In 1988, we had the privilege to support the army members of the Australian Association Bicentennial Everest Expedition.

Crossfire has the enormous privilege to retain Ian Maley as our consultant designer. His expertise and insight are drawn from a scientific and practical approach. Thanks to Ian’s abilities we are able to bring a project to life only in a matter of weeks. He always astonishes us with his innovations and creativity. (See more about Ian at

Our Mission:

To deliver the very best service and equipment without compromise.

Our Vision:

Crossfire will design and manufacture world-class field equipment to support those who protect our communities.

Our Values:

  1. Innovation: Crossfire equipment is best in its class, worldwide. Our head designer, Mr Ian Maley, has a lifetimes experience in both the wilderness and the factory. Our gear is not derivative of any one’s work but ours. It is developed from first principles by absolute experts. End users are our design inspiration.
  2. Competency: Materials suppliers, production engineers and factory staff have been with us for decades. Their level of competence gives us the confidence to offer exceptional build quality and function.
  3. Strategy: Our plan is to be the best and most respected military pack builder on the market. We have invested heavily to ensure that anything that bears the Crossfire name is 100% field ready out of the box.
  4. Transparency: Crossfire communicates closely with clients and partners. We listen to their needs. Confidentiality and IP are fully considered. Materials sourcing and manufacture are conducted with respect for our workers and our environment. Profits are reinvested in afforestation and wetland creation.

Supply & Delivery

Because we produce in small batches we tend to sell out of products in particular range and colors on a frequent basis. However, because we produce in small batches, and own our factory this allows us to pay extra attention to detail and quality control.

In an age of Amazon, Gumtree etc. not getting an item you want the very next day can be a frustrating experience, however, we promise your patience will rewarded.

We are always trying to refine our process’s and get a little better as further develop our supply chains. Lastly, this makes ownership of a Crossfire product truly special. You are not 1 of a million owners. You are 1 of a few 100 or thousand owners. We take great pride our products, all Crossfire products are made for those who demand no compromise in excellence.

In a world of mass manufacturing, we will not compromise quality over quantity. We carefully chose to base manufacturing in our humble Vietnam factory, as Vietnam is currently on the cutting edge of textile production globally producing some of the greatest sewing technicians on the planet.  When you see someone else carrying or wearing the Crossfire logo you will know you are among good company, not just another average consumer.

A Sincere ‘Thank You’

We are 95% direct to consumer – meaning nearly all our business is a personal transaction with YOU. We have limited wholesale operations which are mostly all International.

No middleman – no hidden corporation – employee driven and owned good old-fashioned business.

Your patronage 100% supports the daily operation of our business, our staff, and their families.  There is no Crossfire without our community, and we remain committed to serving that community. Thank you for supporting us in our mission to make the gear to support those who protect our communities.