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GT Cobra Buckle (loop version)


This cobra buckle is compatible with our DG3 series, DG16 & Mk.7 as a different option from either our metal AW hip buckles or our standard hip buckles. The cobra provides a secure lock when under high amounts of tension and easily released when not under tension.

In stock

  • ITW Nexus GT-Cobra
  • 1.5″ Buckle
  • Polymer Construction
  • GhillieTEX IR signature reduction technology
  • Berry Amendment Compliant
  • Reduced noise and paint chipping
  • Does not release under load
  • TAN-499 Colour


1 review for GT Cobra Buckle (loop version)

  1. T Balbo

    But one from you guys a while back and they are awesome. Even used it to hoist gear up in a tree. Over 200lb worth.

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