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Having foresight, we have seen the need for a resurgence in traditional webbing. As the very real potential for near-peer threats loom on the future battlefield, soldiers will need more sustainment, more magazines and carry this equipment for extended periods of time with increased comfort.  With our experience using traditional webbing, we have seen firsthand the advantages and the drawbacks of this style of system over the decades. Our goal of implementing a rig which revolutionizes this concept without the drawbacks—has now become a reality. We have designed a complete soldier system where a rucksack not only integrates with body armor, but also integrates seamlessly with full belt-order. For the first time in history, we at Crossfire have been able to properly accomplish this task. We present to you—The DZ Rig.

****Coming VERY soon Q4-23/Q1-24****

  • 2 Sizes
  • 4 Magazine pouches to carry up to 12 STANAG 30rd 5.56 magazines
  • 2 canteen pouches to fit all standard canteens and Nalgene’s with nesting cups.
  • 1 larger sustainment pouch
  • Bungee cord cinchable pouches
  • 3 levels of pouch closure, use all levels of retention or a combination of (silent tuck-tabs, Velcro, jumpable cord locks)
  • Padded, low profile yoke for a perfect connection when wearing our packs
  • Ventilated shoulder harness back
  • Padded contoured belt for increased hip mobility
  • 2x pack adapter straps with SR buckle release

SIZING – To get the right size the first time, we have calculated our rig size based off of your normal jean/waist size. We size these to be capable of wearing a light combat smock and T-shirt underneath the rig.

For the guys right in the middle of the two sizes. If your waist is 35”+ and intend on usage in cold climates with the use of an insulating layer underneath or thick belt, we recommend going with L/XL. If you are sized 36-” but intend on using a combat pant/light smock with thin a belt in temperate to warm climates go with the M/L.

M/L for trouser/waist size (30-36″)

L/XL for trouser/waist size (36-42″)




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