DG16 Frameset

The DG16 frame system embodies everything we have learned in three decades. The culmination of polymer chemistry, engineering and biomechanics have created an experience on your back like no other suspension system to date. Our contoured harness is tailored with extra thick padding providing the ultimate experience for comfort by preventing hots spots and reducing areas of friction. Our frame is flexible where needed, yet tough as nails where the resultant forces present heavy loads. This patented design will efficiently distribute forces through the frame while simultaneously reducing human fatigue.

Protected by US Design Patents D838,974 and D845,618

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  1. LN

    Absolutley Amazing

  2. Zak Lawrence

    Absolutely superb quality with their construction, will definitely be buying more in the future.

  3. Lane Tattam

    Over the weekend I purchased a DG16 frame set, the team at Crossfire were extremely fast & efficient with getting my order ready, I emailed them with concerns over my order, in which they responded with extreme kindness and understanding the next morning (Sunday, too!) They were more than happy to rectify and meet the standard of my order, and went above and beyond and even threw in some in some Gore-tex socks… I recieved my items within two business days! Crossfire provided outstanding customer service, and delievered great quality products. Already reccomended to all my mates, most definitely will be ordering from these legends again! Cheers guys!

  4. Julian Ledwoch

    I’ve used the DG16 frame for over a year now and after a lot of use I feel I can now write an honest review. This frame is incredible, it works with your spine so you barely notice the weight. To the team at Crossfire, thanks for taking the time to develop such a great product that works WITH you, not against you. My back especially thanks you!

  5. Steve

    I bought this recently. Was and still very pleasantly pleased with this great product. Highly recommended


    As an European I was introduced pretty late to the concept of external frame packs.

    Being used to internal frame packs, an external frame pack may look uncomfortable at first sight. But after getting used to it you won’t use an internal frame backpack anymore for most occasions.

    Simply do the maths, most internal frame packs rely on a plastic sheet or two thin aluminum stays to transfer the weight to the hip belt. So there is less surface the weight can be spread upon compared to an dedicated external frame pack. You also need to cinch the hip belt to an often uncomfortable max, while an external frame pack allows you to transfer the weight to your hips even when just using a plain lumbar pad, gravity gets the job done.

    Another area where external frame packs shine are additional loads. While an internal frame works best when the load is centered, an external frame ruck doesn’t care about unusual placed or sized loads, as the frame will evenly distribute the weight.

    As stated before, most people tend to judge on external frames “looking uncomfortable” because they don’t feature massive amounts of spacer mesh and padding. But that’s not how an external frame works. When propably adjusted it will move the whole pack and frame away from your body, enabling Airflow. After long ruck marches you will experience less back and shoulder pain but more fatigue in the legs, which is a sign that the pack is properly adjusted. Remember, padding is mostly a solution to reduce a problem, not to fix it. Fabric doesn’t create Airflow, distance does.

    Now some older external frame packs can cause issues when going off the trail, as the ruck might move independently from the frame. Modern external frame packs festure adjustable load lifters. So you can just cinch the lifters to a max while on the move and your ruck will stay close to your body and you basically have the performance of an internal frame pack as long as needed.

    The only real issue externals feature are weight and bulk, a dedicated frame weights more than two aluminum stays and is more bulky. So use an internal for those light loads. As always, mission dictates the kit.

  7. D

    Righto lads and ladettes, take a knee, face out and listen in for some hot chips.

    BLUF: Do yourself and your body a favour and grab one of these bad boys

    This frame set goes straight on the issued large assault pack [AUS] (no, you do not need the adapter kit if you’re using the current issued amcu pack). Now it doesn’t line up perfectly with the tie on straps on the pack itself, and feeding it through the small slots on the top sleeve is a bit of a pain, but that’s fair enough considering the frame wasn’t actually designed for this specific pack. Realistically, this slightly imperfect alignment hasn’t proven to be an issue at all, and let’s be honest, the issued frame is equally a pain to get on and snaps in a strong breeze, unlike this bad boy which will survive being tossed out of a mog (not that you should be doing that…). It might take a bit of fiddling around to get it right, but take the opportunity to famirise yourself with the adjustment options when attaching the frame to the pack.

    The harness system is the standout of this bit of kit. The straps themselves are pluuuussshh and cut down on the excess rubbing you tend to get on the issued ones (the pic shows the difference between this and the issued waistbelt + shoulder strap) over longer stomps, especially when wearing body armour (highly recommend removing the comforter pads on the body armour when wearing a pack to get the maximum benefit of the pack straps). There’s a good level of adjustment in the harness system so you can set it up for your body, and have the waist belt clip in above a pistol belt, or remove the belt component and only use a rear comforter (which personally I’d only recommend when wearing with gunners / Fatman rig but you do you). Back to body armour though, the pack is designed so that it slots nicely in the middle (and if you’re not wearing body armour it increases airflow). For this reason though, it’s not really practical to fit a sleeping mat in the inside of the frame like you see some folks with Alice or issued frames doing. Possible, but not practical or reccomended.

    The quick release buckle is a nifty lil feature for quickly cutting away the pack (ie in a contact). Familiarise yourself with it (literally practice the movements, recommend pulling the release on the right side to keep a hand on ya weapon) and all you need to do is unclip the waist and sternum straps, pull the tab and you’re free, instead of unceremoniously having to awkwardly wriggle your arms out.

    The catalyst for writing this review was a recent fighting withdrawal scenario. Now running and taking a knee with a pack on is never going to be “comfortable”. But having this as opposed to when I did it with issued kit was like going from a beat up old camry to a god damn Ferrari – worth every cent. Based on the product videos and how she’s held up so far, I don’t see this breaking any time soon. But if it does, I’ll be straight back here for a new one.

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