5L Top loader pair (SLIDE ON)

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The 5L top load pouch is fully compatible with our DG3, DG3 AW, DG3 Slick, DG16, Mk7 packs. It utilizes the two horizontal compression straps on the packs to secure in place. This system was designed to allow for extremely fast attaching and removal of pouches to the exterior of our packs, without having to weave the time consuming MOLLE webbing. There are times when adding, removing or swapping mission specific items needs to happen where time is of the essence. This is our solution to the problem.

Includes 2 pouches

Dimensions H10″ W8″ D4″


1 review for 5L Top loader pair (SLIDE ON)

  1. Russell Paras (verified owner)

    I have been looking for ways to as more of a versitile storage system to my D16 pack. And boy let me tell you, this is it.

    I will say the slide is easier to dismount but a wee bit annoying tot being able to have it tight against the pack.

    I’m able to now separate a lot of the little things that used to take up a lot of space in my pack. Like my water filters, camp stove, and other miscellaneous things you kinda want to be able to just pull out without having to pop open the main pack and dig through.

    This is where these babies come In. As I’ve stated one of these can hold a small camping stove kit, water filter system (2 3L bags, 1, filter, pipe and so on), 2+ life straws and sawyer filters. I guarantee you can probably figure out better ways to fit even more in.

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