Mk.VII Bundle


The Mk.VII is our 110 litre pack. As a top loading pack into the main compartment, it also features a side opening sleeping bag compartment. We have built a divider shelf which can be opened for full internal top to bottom access, or velcro’d in place for separation of the main compartment to the sleeping bag compartment.  The exterior has 2 sewn in top loading pockets on the back, 2 MOLLE removable top loading pockets on the sides and the lid has a removable MOLLE claymore sized pouch. This behemoth of a pack was designed to have enough capacity to sustain the soldier over several days in the field.

Colour: Multicam

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  • Complete Mk.7 in Multicam
  • 1 Daypack lid in Multicam
  • 1x Cobra Buckle
  • 1x Navy range cap



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